SortiPack® Beef Tomato

Beef tomatoes are prone to post-harvest damage due to punctures and bruising and require gentle handling. The sorting and packing process is labor-intensive which brings many challenges: labor costs and scarcity, worker management and virus risk.


SortiPack® decreases labor, damage and weight giveaway, so beef tomato growers can focus on their produce.

The SortiPack® system for beef tomatoes scans and classifies tomatoes directly from the harvest crates, eliminating the need to tip the crate and risking damaging the fruit. Robots gently pick the tomatoes from the harvest crates and pack them into the correct customer packaging.

SortiPack® can simultaneously pack multiple packages for different customers and select tomatoes by weight, size and color class. Completed customer packages are transported to the palletizing area and empty harvest bins are stacked and automatically redirected to the harvest carts for re-use.

The AI algorithm divides tomatoes into the best possible packing combinations. This results in a more uniform looking customer packaging and lower weight giveaway compared to manual packing.

“We’re very happy with SortiPack, it helps us save a lot of labor.

We now have SortiPacks running at 3 different locations”

Bart van den Bosch from A & G van den Bosch, Beef Tomato grower, explains how SortiPack® helps their company.

Advantages of SortiPack® Beef Tomato

SortiPack® Beef Tomato uses vision, AI and robots to transport tomatoes directly from harvest crates into customer crates or boxes. It can sort by weight, size and color and fill customer crates and boxes in an optimized way, staying consistent all day, every day.

Less labor - Saves dependency on and costs of labor.
Decreased giveaway - AI-powered packing algorithm creates optimal packing combinations with minimal weight giveaway.
Less damage - Less post-harvest damage and longer shelf life due to gentle handling and picking directly from harvest crate.
Uniform result - Sorting is done by computer removing human interpretation or errors.
Track & tracing - Reliable data essential for food safety and retailer security.
24/7 production - The system can operate 24/7 making it more flexible to deal with peaks and seasonal trends. Limitations on work hours are no longer a factor.

Save on labor - reduce giveaway - no damage - track & trace

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