Crux Agribotics appoints Dutch Weighing Company as certified reseller

Crux Agribotics (Crux) appoints Dutch Weighing Company (DWC) to resell its innovative and disruptive SortiPack robotic solutions to fresh produce companies worldwide.

SortiPack® is a modular system for Automatic Grading, Sorting and Packing which Crux Agribotics ( launched successfully in 2019. SortiPack, can be adapted to handle different crops, vegetables and fruit. The vision, machine learning for grading and sorting algorithms can be re-used as it is designed in a modular way. The gripper technology and handling concept can be optimized per type of product and package. SortiPack offers ultimate flexibility, lowers cost and dependency of human labour and enables growers to increase capacities as the system works consistently, in a more hygienic way and optimizes the product volume and weight per package. The system can operate 24/7 and all data is available for analysis purposes or to predict yields. As the system is based on a self-learning architecture it uses its actual product data also to provide proactive feedback on settings to enable growers to adjust sorting and grading settings to optimize yields and to reduce waste.

We are proud to extend our sales and services reach with the appointment of Dutch Weighing Company’, says Richard Vialle, CCO & Founder of Crux Agribotics. ‘After having sold our SortiPack systems to growers of (beef) tomatoes and cucumbers we can now extend our offering to more fruits and vegetables and to a larger number of customers world-wide. In DWC we see a reliable partner with the reach and experience to advise and support customers in the process of automating with robots’.

DWC will focus its sales of SortiPack® Robots for grading, sorting and packing to products it is renowned for, such as chicory, parsnip, sweet pointed peppers, leeks and sweet potatoes. When DWC customers show interest in automating the sorting and packing process of other vegetables or fruit, DWC and Crux Agribotics will collaborate closely together to see if this can be achieved with its modular robotic concept. The partnership has been established the last months by developing a weighing/packing solution together and has already resulted in the first sales of two SortiPack Robots for sorting and packing chicory into flowpack and crates automatically. In this case, SortiPack ensures the best possible combination of chicory to optimize product package uniformity and give away weight.

We are proud that an innovative company like Crux Agribotics sees us as an extension of its sales, services and R&D organization’, says Jan Damen, CEO of Dutch Weighing Company. ‘We have a vast experience and installed base of customers world-wide and SortiPack® enables us to address the growing need for automation in our target markets driven by increasing cost and scarcity of labor’. ‘With this partnership we can migrate our customer to future proof automation where smart algorithms and data usage facilitate further optimization of their revenues and profits’.

Both companies will be present during Fruit Logistica 2020 in Berlin (5-7 February) and will demonstrate and promote SortiPack® at their respective stands in hall 9.


About Crux Agribotics

Crux Agribotics develops, delivers and supports automatic Grading, Sorting and Packing Robotics with vision and machine-/deep learning software. Crux Agribotics is dedicated to automating processes within the agriculture / horticulture markets together with its sister company KOAT B.V. who delivers complete systems for material handling and internal logistics for growers world-wide. Crux Agribotics is growing rapidly and setting up local sales and service offices across the globe. Currently services are being delivered from its headquarters in Eindhoven, The Netherlands and a service hub in Ontario, Canada.

Crux Agribotics is a 100% daughter of One of A Kind Technologies, with more than 33 years of experience in Computer Vision & Robotics delivering systems worldwide to the Food, Agriculture and Pharma markets. One of A Kind Technologies exists out of 130 engineers and technicians delivering service and support world-wide.

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About Dutch Weighing Company

Dutch Weighing Company has more than 30 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and delivering smart and accurate weighing systems and solutions in the food industry. By applying smart concepts and technologies in both hardware and software, Dutch Weighing Company enables production companies to increase efficiency and reduce giveaway to a minimum.

With a strong focus on weighing solutions and packaging lines in the vegetable and fruit industry, Dutch Weighing Company grew into an established international company serving clients in 15+ countries already. The company is operating from its main office in Kaatsheuvel, The Netherlands and its local sales and distribution network in several countries.

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