Corey Jubenville joins Crux Agribotics and KOAT organization in Canada

As of the 1st of May, Crux Agribotics and KOAT have expanded their local sales and service organization towards the Canadian and North American market with Lead Field Service Engineer Corey Jubenville.

With this step, the two daughters of Dutch AgriTech group Kind Technologies, are living up to an earlier announcement and commitment to the Canadian market by strengthening the local organization.

Besides the Dutch engineers residing in Canada, Corey will pro-actively visit the Canadian customer base and expand the service reach with designated Service partners, contractors and new engineers. ‘’We are verry happy that such an experienced and customer-oriented person as Corey has stepped up to drive our local service levels in Canada’’, says Richard Vialle, CCO & Founder of Kind Technologies.

Besides the Canadian market, Corey will also contribute in the expansion of the local service footprint of KOAT and Crux Agribotics towards the North American and Mexican market. Corey visited the Dutch headquarters in May to receive his initial training on the extensive intralogistics, material handling and robotics portfolio of the group.

Corey is excited about his new role with this innovative technology group: “I expect a lot of uptake for the automation and advanced robotics systems with computer vision and AI that Kind Technologies has to offer. This is really next- level technology, providing growers in Canada and The Americas with robust and proven material handling and logistics systems as well as a future-proof roadmap to robotics and smart data”.

To support the fast growth behind SortiPack® Robotics, the system for automatic grading, sorting and packing, a back-to-back agreement for the North American market has also been established with ABB Robotics. The spare parts stock in Canada and the US will be increased to improve service levels, and ultimately the company intends to provide 24/7/365 services to its customers.

The expansion and investments by Kind Technologies, the mother company behind Crux Agribotics and KOAT are in line with their ambition to be a leading Dutch AgriTech group. They want to realize this strategy through strong innovations, acquisitions, and partnerships. Recently Kind Technologies invested in a Joint Venture together with Royal Brinkman, named HORTILOGICS to offer the horticulture market integrated Smart Greenhouse Logistics in the greenhouse and packhouse. This integrated offering combines the portfolio of Berg Hortimotive, HortiKey (both Royal Brinkman) combined with Crux Agribotics and KOAT. This partnership, with more than 600 combined employees, is committed to offering data driven automation to growers, greenhouse builders and investors with the North American market as one of their strategic markets.

In the coming months, Corey and the support team will pro-actively visit growers in Leamington and other Canadian regions to provide further information about the advanced automation possibilities, roadmap and expanded service levels. With travel restrictions fading away hopefully as well in the coming months, key customers and partners will be also invited for a roadshow and executive briefing in different areas across the world, including The Netherlands (Greenport region), Canada and in Mexico. Aim is to visit and showcase the latest reference customers with advanced automation and robotization systems with enhanced data and AI.

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